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Yas Hvac Corp has been providing quality heating services in Nassau and Suffolk Counties for years. We are HVAC experts experienced in all types of heating issues, no matter how large or small.
Our team of skilled technicians is able to help heat your home or business through multiple methods, depending on your needs and your budget. If you are experiencing difficulty with your current heating system, our experts can repair or replace that system quickly and get your home warm again.

Our goal is to keep you warm when you needed the most Furnace Systems Whether you are looking to repair or replace your home’s furnace, the experts at Yas Hvac can troubleshoot your home heating system and determine if your current furnace is doing its job, or which furnace would be the best one for your needs.

We install today’s top quality furnaces, including gas, electric, propane, oil, and wall furnaces.
Call today for a free estimate on furnace repair or installation.

Boiler Systems
A boiler system heats a home through the use of hot water and/or steam typically through radiators. While it is an effective heating system, it is imperative that the system is working properly to heat your home safely and efficiently. Yas Hvac can not only service your current boiler system, but also install one of today’s high efficiency boiler and/or radiator systems to help upgrade your home’s comfort and downgrade your heating bill.
Heat Pumps
Using the same system, the heat pump can also be used to cool your home by pumping the hot air out. Because you do not need to separate your home’s heating and cooling systems, you can save money to install these systems. A heat pump is also a very energy efficient and “green” method of heating as it uses very little fossil fuel to create heat, but simply transfers heat from one area to another.
Whether your home or business’ heating needs are big or small, you can count on Yas Hvac for quality work. We provide installations, replacements, routine maintenance, and emergency services of all phases of heating, ventilation Air conditioning and refrigeration plus Transport Refrigeration. Our many


Every unit that is properly tuneup will burn any type of fuel cleaner, saving you money and reduce pollution.


Tune Up- A tune up is an inspection and maintenance procedure that is performed to ensure your heating and cooling is working at its best. This in most cases will include a replacement Air filter and Oil Nozzle and a full cleaning. We suggest getting a tune up performed at least once a year to ensure your system is clean and working well.


When it comes to have a system working at it's best dont play games. minimun ONCE PER YEAR.


You should call in the beginning of every season, that is when you get the best deals or any time, you have a problem. We are here to serve you. (631) 656-3313